About Face Masks

We offer our customers access to our range of disposable face masks online available to order in bulk quantities. We ship direct to your front door anywhere in Australia offering you a safe and reliable way to order protective Face Masks immediately.

KN95 masks that are manufactured by 3M are recommended for use during times of peak illness and infectious disease, as well as while protecting you from inhaling other airborne particulates in industrial settings. This type of mask is also referred to as an N95 respirator, depending on the region in which it is sold. The key is in the actual number contained within the type of mask. It refers to the filtering agent within the mask and its ability to filter out at least 95% of dangerous particulates. Individuals wearing a face shield with this type of rating are protected against inhaling airborne particles such as dust and smoke pollution as well as the germs responsible for causing illnesses like the coronavirus. It is also an effective way of ensuring that anyone who knows they are infected with infectious germs can reduce their ability to transmit those germs to their friends and family.

These masks were originally designed to help individuals working in the mining and construction industries. We have recently found that their application to medical settings has been successful at helping to reduce the spread of infections that airborne and transmitted from person to person. States like Victoria have issued strict rules about wearing masks while out in public and if you are located in this region then you should look to buy masks in larger quantities to ensure you are protected for a longer period of time. For individuals in NSW, Queensland and Tasmania, as well as other states and territories around Australia, a mask protects you both from infection and spreading infection. We offer bulk quantities of masks, gloves and other protective and antiviral agents like hand sanitiser. You can buy your protective wear and sanitising agents safely online and have them delivered direct to your door anywhere in Australia.

How to use a face mask correctly

Everyone in Australia is being urged to wear protective face coverings as often as possible with some states introducing a mandatory rule while out in public. The reason for this is because cloth face coverings worn correctly over the nose and mouth have been shown to be effective in reducing infection rates, particularly within densely populated regions. Dangerous infections generally occur in poorly ventilated spaces where people are crowded, and it is difficult to maintain social distancing and strict personal hygiene. By wearing a mouth mask, you can help to reduce the chance of you inadvertently spreading disease
causing germs and of contracting an infection in shared spaces.

Enusre you're wearing your mask correctly by checking that it fit snuggly to your face, forming a tight seal around your nose and mouth. This is to ensure that you do not inadvertently breathe around the filter within the mask and that every breath is correctly and safely filtered. The masks will come with adjustable straps which fit both above and below your ears. Ensure that when you apply your mask for the first time that you correctly adjust the straps for a firm fit. Some individuals unused to wearing a mask for long periods of time may find the placement uncomfortable initially. This is completely normal. To help you adjust to how your mask feels, wear it for short periods of time in safe spaces such as your home where you can take it off safely if it feels unbearable. By slowly introducing yourself to how the mask feels while you’re wearing it you can build a tolerance and familiarity with the look and feel, ensuring you can wear it for longer periods of time while in a public setting.

If you have facial hair you may find that the mask is unable to form a tight seal around the nose and mouth. For this reason, you may find that you should buy masks of a different type. A surgical face mask worn by health care workers may make for a better alternative. While this type of mask will help you stop the spread of infection from yourself, it does not offer you the same filtration protection that a KN95 Mask can offer you.

How long can you wear a face mask?

Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions to correctly apply your mask and to wear it for the safest period of time. Generally speaking, a KN95 Mask protects against inhaling up to 95% of airborne particulates for about 8 hours but always consult the instructions before you wear a mask. The interior layer responsible for offering you this level of respiration protection is a filter created in a complex process known as melt blowing. The tightly woven fibres are effective at trapping airborne particulates before the mask wearer can inhale them. When the interior filtration layer become moist this a sign that the filter is no longer usable, and you should dispose of it carefully in a rubbish bin. Ensure you do not leave used masks lying around and that you do not attempt to wash disposable masks for use a second time.

Protection that is offered by an air filter mask is larger than other types of cloth face coverings, but it is only as good as it can be when you are carefully following the manufacturer’s guidelines for use. As a mouth mask, it must remain in place over your areas of respiration for maximum effectiveness and only removed and disposed of when you are safely at home. Constantly lifting the mask out of place will affect its protection factor, as will removing and then reusing it again. Disposable masks should not be reused.

To remain compliant with the latest Australian government guidelines put in place to prevent the spread of infection respiratory illnesses like covid, you must buy masks or make them, as well as adhere to social distancing rules and maintain a strict personal hygiene regime. This should include washing your hands regularly with warm water and soap for a minimum of 30 seconds as well as disposing of your respiratory protective gear responsibly. After you have removed a used mask, ensure that it is placed in your rubbish bin and that you wash your hands thoroughly after you have disposed of it. If you do not have access to warm water and soap, then consider using a sanitising agent instead.

Choosing a disposable face mask is easy to manage and remove. By choosing to purchase protective wear in bulk quantities, you are ensuring that you have ready access to face coverings whenever you need them. Keep a handy pack ready in places like your car, your desk at the office, in your handbag or laptop bag as well as by your front door. Buy masks online now in wholesale quantities perfect for both personal and commercial use.

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